Handcrafted Adenium Plant

Durham Botanicals is proud to offer you beautiful handcrafted Adenium plant from our Southeast Florida nursery. The Adeniums offered for sale here are of the highest quality. We grow each and every Adenium as if it is part of our personal collection.


Select Adenium arabicum

We specialize in select Adenium arabicum and Thai soco. Our collection and breeding programs are second to none in the United States. We’re sure we’ll have what you’re looking for whether it’s a young Adenium arabicum, a more mature Thai soco, or a succulent bonsai subject.


Adeniums for Succulent Bonsai

Adeniums are becoming more and more popular succulent bonsai subjects. We know because we’re hooked on succulent bonsai ourselves. Many of our Adeniums, especially our Adenium arabicum, begin training from an early age. This initial styling will make your work easier and more rewarding going forward.

Do You Expect More Than Just Pretty Flowers?
You have come to the right place if you expect more than just pretty flowers from your Adeniums because we do too. Growth habit, disease and pest resistance, and frequency of flowering are all traits we select for.
Packing Your Special Adenium
Packing your special Adenium can sometimes be a concern, but not at Durham Botanicals. Our expert packing and speedy shipping ensures your new plants will reach you safely and ready to grow.
Adeniums Year Round
Durham Botanicals Adeniums enjoy natural sun, rain, and mild South Florida temperatures. These conditions ensure a steady and consistent growth rate which translates into sturdy robust specimens. Another benefit of growing Adenium in our climate is echoed in our ability to ship Adeniums year round.
Are You Looking For Something Special?
If you are looking for something special and can’t find it here, please contact us. Though we could not possibly list all of our Adenium in this store we may have exactly what you are looking for in our nursery.

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